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Engraving and milling machineYMC-7060

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Engraving and milling machineYMC-7060


1 Standard Taiwan Bao Yuan 528 high-speed CNC system, using modular control panel, equipped with USB, RS232 interface and faster 
2 beam column using an integrated structure, improve machine rigidity and stability. 
3 to increase the beam size, lightweight moving parts to ensure smooth movement quickly
4 using Yaskawa Σ-V high-performance servo motor, the industry has the highest amplifier response and shorten the setting time, enhanced resonance suppression function, auto-tuning function. 
5. optimize the structure and sheet metal design, narrow Overall, saving machine footprint.

Subject YMC-7060
X/Y/Z Travel 600/700/270
Maximum workbench load 350
Bridge Width(Approx) 730
Bridge height (Spindle nose to workbench) 370
Maximum feeding speed 6000
Rapid moving speed 7500
Spindle motor power rate 5.5(ᵠ125)
Spindle maximum speed 18000
Spindle taper standard ER32
Gross Weight 2600
Power Capacity 10
Input voltage/ frequency 380/50
Control system
X/Y/Z axis Control resolution 0.001
Lubrication system 

Adjustable Automatic Oil Feeder

Counterweight system 
Control System
Dimensions 2000*1800*2300

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