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Double Column VMC YMC-1612

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Double Column VMC YMC-1612


Vertical Machining Center: YMC series vertical machining center uses Mitsubishi M70 high-speed system, "people" shaped structure column can effectively protect the machine running stability; transmission components using well-known brands, CNC system using internationally accepted ISO code programming, versatility high; triaxial fast moving up to 30m / Min, with high rigidity, high stability, high efficiency and other characteristics; suitable for mold machining, processing, and other areas of mass production parts.

Subject unit YMC-1612
X/Y/Z Travel mm 1200/1600/550
Maximum workbench load kg 2000 (Heavy duty available)
Bridge Width(Approx) mm 1400
Bridge height (Spindle nose to workbench) mm 730
Maximum feeding speed mm/min 6000
Rapid moving speed mm/min XY:15000,Z:7500
Spindle motor power rate kw 7.5(11kw available)
Spindle maximum speed rpm 10000(12000rpm available)
Spindle taper standard
BT40(BT50 available)
Gross Weight kg 10500
Power Capacity KVA 20
V/Hz 380/50
Control system ***
X/Y/Z axis Control resolution mm 0.001
Lubrication system 
Adjustable Automatic Oil Feeder
Counterweight system 

Air pressure counterweight system

Control System

Dimensions mm 4200*2450*3200

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