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Knowledge of CNC personnel hierarchy of needs

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Knowledge of CNC personnel hierarchy of needs

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NC Talent different levels require different levels of human knowledge, following on from the blue-collar layer, gray collar layer, Jinling layer for your explain. 
     A blue-collar layer: NC Craftsman: proficient machining and CNC machining process knowledge, proficiency CNC machine operation and manual programming, automatic programming and CNC machine tools to understand simple maintenance and repair. Tissue culture for vocational schools. Such personnel market demand, suitable as a CNC machine operator mechanic shop. But because of their knowledge than a single, its not big high wages. 
     2, gray collar layers: 1) CNC programmer: Mastering CNC machining process knowledge and CNC machine operation, master complex mold design and manufacturing expertise, proficiency in 3D CAD / CAM software; proficiency in manual and automatic CNC programming techniques; for vocational, undergraduate school in tissue culture. Suitable for plant design and process at the NC programmer at. Such personnel demand, especially very popular in the mold industry; treatment is higher. 2) CNC machine maintenance, maintenance personnel: Mastering CNC machine mechanical structure and electromechanical FBI, master CNC machine operation and programming, familiar with the various features of CNC systems, hardware and software configuration, PLC and parameter settings. Proficient CNC machine tools mechanical and electrical commissioning and maintenance. Suitable as plant equipment at the engineering and technical personnel. Relatively less demand for such personnel, but very difficult to train such personnel, knowledge structure requires very wide adaptability and CNC related ability to work, need to accumulate a lot of practical experience, currently very lacking, their treatment is higher. 
     3, Jinling layer NC generalists: CNC operation with and proficient technicians, CNC programmer and CNC maintenance, repair personnel needed to grasp the comprehensive knowledge and accumulated a great deal of practical experience in practical work, a wide range of knowledge. Electrical Design proficient CNC machine tools and CNC mechanical design systems, electromechanical control CNC machine FBI. Able to complete their own CNC system selection, design of CNC machine tools, electrical systems, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Independent of CNC machine tools to complete the transformation. Is the sought-after talents, their treatment is high. For undergraduate, vocational schools in tissue culture. But must provide special training measures and teacher guidance and other means to promote their talent. Suitable as a corporate technology leader or CNC machine tool plant mechanical and electrical design director of product development. 
     The above is from a blue-collar layer, gray collar layer, Jinling layer for you to explain the NC talent level of knowledge needs, our company is committed to product excellence and reasonable price.

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