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The basic requirements for CNC servo system

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The basic requirements for CNC servo system

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CNC machine tools focus on the advantages of a conventional automatic machine tools, precision machine tools and universal machine, high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility to focus on one. And improve the technical level of the first CNC machine depends on the expansion and improvement of feed and function spindle drive characteristics. 
    Generally servo following requirements: 
    (1). Pros and cons to run the machine during operation, the table according to the shape and processing may be required at any time track forward or reverse operation. Taking into account the pros and cons to exist between the starting and braking power and run-time conversion of mechanical energy to achieve rapid braking. 
    (2) high speed to adapt to a wide range of different processing conditions, requiring servo has a wide speed range and excellent speed characteristics. 
    (3) High rigidity and high speed servo stability under different load conditions or when cutting conditions change, the feed rate should remain constant, requiring servo has excellent static and dynamic load characteristics. 
    (4) Quick response and no overshoot, contour cutting shapes in order to ensure the accuracy and low surface roughness of the machined surface, requiring a good fast servo response characteristics, and no overshoot. 
    (5) High-precision machining in order to meet accuracy, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine and feed accuracy, i.e., requires the resolution of the servo has a high static and dynamic characteristics should be at least an order of non-differential system. 
    (6) low speed high torque machining characteristics are mostly carried out at low speed machining required feed drive at low speeds should ensure the rated torque output, that requires a servo has a constant torque output. 
    These are the CNC servo system for the basic requirements, welcome new and old customers to choose products.

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