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Core CNC system

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Core CNC system

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CNC automation systems and related products primarily for CNC machine tools supporting, now go look at the core of the CNC system. 
        CNC system is the core of the NC device, which is different from the previous NC apparatus, NC device by a variety of digital logic circuit logic elements, memory elements, etc., are realized by hardware numerical control function, is the hardware configuration of a fixed connection, the device using a dedicated computer software to achieve some or all CNC functions, has a good "flexible", by changing the software is easy to change or extend its functionality, the device consists of hardware and software components, software running on hardware support, software and hardware will not be able to leave work, both are indispensable. 
        These are the core of the knowledge described in the CNC system, welcome friends who come to choose our products, affordable prices and attentive service that will make you satisfied.

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