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CNC machining how to profit

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CNC machining how to profit

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Now, concealed behind the competition in terms of price is often one of the industry's crisis. CNC machining industry with increasing transparency, the more profit is getting lower and lower part, CNC machining workers are more and more powerful the pressure of competition is the main manifestations of price competition in the increasingly fierce social now how profits? 
         Product development capabilities behind the development of the market demand. Currently have product development capabilities mechanical processing enterprises less than 10%, many manufacturing companies do not want development, but the lack of R & D strength and resources. With the approach of the product life cycle, many companies can only make a change in appearance, very difficult to have a qualitative breakthrough in design, process transformation, new materials applications. Although the government provided some platforms in the industry, academia, joint research side, but from the effects of view, with little success. More companies are weak on their own strength, doing to improve the low level. 
        Small-scale enterprises is difficult to support the supply chain, many companies are two out, one thousand kilometers away from the raw materials, product sales to a thousand kilometers away, one to one to two thousand kilometers, logistics costs remain high, and small-scale enterprises, the lack of high value-added products, it is difficult to digest these logistics costs. 
        Are some of the more prominent supporting mechanical products, unable to form industrial clusters in the local production of single components to OEMs should supply thousands of miles away, if and when the location of the formation of industrial clusters OEMs, basically formed when the supply chain, foreign the competition becomes a relatively weak. These two issues only affect the machining industry profits many problems in a small part of the limited space, no discussion. But these problems are not alarmist, when the WTO process more depth today, CNC machining companies in addition to catching up in terms of the level of foreign tools and other equipment, the product development and innovation, and supply chain issues, should be rooted in the brain of each business the. 
         The above is a brief introduction of knowledge, welcome friends to cooperate with us, to unanimous praise us over by the quality and favorable prices.

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