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CNC machinery for the work environment requirements

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CNC machinery for the work environment requirements

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CNC machinery that require precision CNC machine work environment generally requires a constant temperature environment, only under constant temperature conditions in order to ensure that the degree of precision machine tools and machining. Ordinary CNC machinery to room temperature there is no specific requirement, but a lot of practice shows that when the temperature is too the failure rate is high numerical control system is greatly increased. humid environment will reduce the reliability of CNC machinery, especially in the larger wet sour gas environment, will make printed circuit boards and connectors corrosion, machine tools, electrical failure will increase, Details are as follows: 
     1, the working environment temperature should be between 0 ~ 35 ℃, avoid direct exposure to sunlight for CNC machinery, should be equipped with good interior lighting equipment. 
     2, in order to improve the accuracy of machined parts, reducing the thermal deformation of the machine, if the conditions can be CNC machine installed in a relatively closed, the installation of air-conditioning equipment plant. 
     3, the working environment should be less than 75% relative humidity. CNC machine should be installed in a place away from the liquid splashing and prevent plant drip. 
     4, away from excessive dust and corrosive gas environments. 
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