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CNC machinery for power and working environment What are the requirements?

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CNC machinery for power and working environment What are the requirements?

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As we all know, the rapid development of high-speed processing technology, and promote this trend is precisely CNC machinery, how good the performance of the rational use and maintenance of precision CNC machinery good machine, it is critical, CNC machinery for power and working environment What are the demands? 
     A grid voltage fluctuation should be controlled between -15% to + 10%, while China's power fluctuations, poor quality, but also hidden like a high-frequency pulse interference of this kind, with human factors (such as a sudden wind up ) during power outages and other electrical peak, such as one hour during the day or evening before work about as well as, more often ultra-poor, even up to ± 20%. so that the machine can not carry out normal police work, and cause damage to the machine power system even result in the loss of data and other relevant parameters. this phenomenon on CNC machining centers or turning centers and other machine tools equipment have occurred, but there is a higher frequency, you should pay attention to. 
     Second, machinery and electrical equipment is recommended to connect to a single power supply if you need to use another power supply to some parts of electrical equipment (such as electronic circuits, electromagnetic clutch), the power supply should be composed of mechanical and electrical equipment as part of the device from (such as transformers, transducers, etc.) for large, complex machinery, including many working together in a synergistic manner and occupy a larger space in the machinery, may require the introduction of more than one power supply, which up to the site power supply configuration to be. 
     Three, CNC machinery requirements for compressed air supply system of CNC machine tools typically use a lot of pneumatic components, so people should be connected to the plant clean, dry compressed air supply system network. Their flow and pressure shall meet the requirements. Compressed air confidential CNC machine tools installed in a place far away from, according to the arrangement of the plant, the gas consumption size, should be considered to compressed air supply system network installation freezing air in coal, air filter, gas tank, safety valves and other equipment. 
     Four, CNC machinery for the work environment demands precision CNC machinery generally have thermostatic environmental requirements, only under constant temperature conditions in order to ensure that the degree of precision machine tools and machining. 
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